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Powertrac Meters Pvt Ltd is a Energy Meter Manufacturing Company involved in the Design and Manufacturing of Digital Meter, Analog Meters and Controllers since 2015. We manufacture a wide range of products : Digital Meters, Prepaid Energy Meters, Energy Controllers, Analog Meters, Current Transformers.

Our highly qualified and experienced team controls all the production processes, from designing of Digital Energy Meter and Prepaid Energy Meter Solution to manufacturing them, quality checks during the entire process and final verification of the meters.

Continuous innovation and improvement in all areas like design, engineering, assembly, painting and finally verification helps us have a customer centric approach and also to be at the cutting edge of technology of machine toll sector.

Our Vision to emerge as a leader in the domestic market and a dynamic competitor in the global market in the area of Energy Meters Manufacturing service and Current Transforemers Manufacturing and Service. Our main Goal is to achieve the satisfaction of the client by means of a high quality at and great after sales standards.

Our Products

Digital Energy Meter

Digital Meter

Powertrac Meters Pvt Ltd is leading manufacturer of Digital Energy Meters in india, which helps in getting accurate units, which are more visibile. Digital meters also eliminate interpolation errors; have no moving parts to break; and provide “auto-ranging” to prevent errors and damage to the meter if the user selects the wrong range.

We at Powertrac, have wide range of Digital Meters which include KWH Meters, VAF Meters, Multifunction Meters, Amp Meter, Volt Meter. Digital meters are not dangerous. They have features to protect you from electric shock and fire damage.

Kwh Meter
KWH Meter
vaf meter

VAF | VIF Meter

multifunction meter

Multifunction Meter

direct amp volt meter

Amp Meter | Volt Meter

Our Products

Prepaid Energy Meter

prepaid meter

Prepaid Energy Meter

At Powertrac Meters Pvt Ltd, We manufacture Prpaid Energy Meteror Smart Meters with web based energy management and Revenue Management System.

These Prepaid meter allows you to save electricity, which in turn leads to saving money: you will never get an unexpected, exaggerated electricity bill!

dual source energy meter
Dual Sorce Prepaid Energy Meter
web based energy management

Web Based Energy Management

revenue management system

Revenue Based Energy Management

revenue management system


Our Products


energy controller

Powertrac Meters Pvt Ltd manufacturer Energy management controllers (EMC), which are used to control appliance operation based on energy prices and consumers’ preset preferences. It offer user a friendly controlling of street lighting / glowsign boards / ATM. It records all basic and power factor event recordings with time stamp. It measures true RMS.

The ATM AC timer has been specially designed for controlling the twin AC units installed at ATM sites. The controller operates two nos. of inbuilt to control the operation of twin AC’s based on time setting.

demand controller
Demand Controller
street light controller

Street Light Controller


ATM Timer

Our Products

Analog | Moving Iron Meter


Analogue panel meters, has moulded polycarbonate cases are suitable for the measurement of AC/DC currents and voltage. Analogue meters indicate rms-values error of indication may occur for extreme waveforms (e.g. phase gating controls) & for frequencies above 100 KHz.

Moving coil instruments are used as panel meters to measure d.c. current in the milliamp range up to one ampere. Moving iron meters can measure both Dirct Current (DC) and Alternating Current (AC) up to several hundred amps and volts directly. This have wide range of application an all kinds of panel board (control distributes AMF, APFC instrument panel.

AC Amp Meter | AC Volt Meter
DC Amp Meter | DC Volt Meter

Our Products

Current Transformers

At Powertrac Meters Pvt Ltd, We manufacturer Current Transformers which is used widely in switchgears, Generator Sets, Control Panels, Overload Protections, Control Devices, Distribution System, Energy Metering & Monitoring.

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